Here I showcase a small collection of works, which, although they are not representative of an entire creative life, do cover a certain variety that goes from portraits, landscapes, fans, postcards, bodypainting, comics, illustrations for books (my own or others), animation, decorations… As well as events or performances on coexistence or awareness raising where poetry, narratives, music, singing, dancing, theater, painting, pedagogy, values, psychology, philosophy and sometimes science are mixed. Let’s get into it then…

Sonia Morente Pérez

My works are based on a humanist perspective, looking for beauty, naturalistic, conscientious and critical. To create in human nature and thereby communicate. Influenced by my educational work and philosophical currents, such as Socratic, and based on the common good.

Art for art’s sake, that is, only aesthetic for me is incomplete, barren.

Varied works but with the same purpose: connection and communication as well as a weapon to fight for it…

Never within the reach of a few.

Although broad, more realistic, symbolic or dreamlike than abstract.

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Sonia Morente Pérez
Painter, drawer, writer and variety artist.
Born in Sabadell but raised in a village in Granada.

Before she started school she was already making her own toys and paper cut-outs of cartoon characters in movement (without recording or having photos of them, it was her way of ‘training’ or inventing them). She also made miniatures in clay.

Every evening the only thing that kept her busy without running around was to pick up a black pen and a sheet of paper. Self-taught.

She spent all her life researching different materials and trying to develop hyper-realism. From pen, tempera, crayons, waxes, charcoal, oil for many years until she started with pencil, acrylic and watercolour again.

At university, studying to be a teacher, she began to paint portraits, but she was already doing hyper-realistic paintings.

At the age of 25 she began to exhibit portraits, paintings and murals for shops, guilds and individuals out of necessity after personal and family difficulties such as the death of his mother and a leave of absence among others. With this she earned her living for two years and developed a more personal and free lifestyle.

Teaching and drawing began to mix when in 2009 she started working in public schools.

Seeing that the work committed to coexistence together with her own experience does not reach more than one year or with a lot of luck the school where she works that year, she starts again to make exhibitions and performances. She then returns to writing articles in which she mixes experience, philosophy, mathematical method, physics, etc., with writing plays, comics and poetry.

She meets a circle of poets (among them Pedro Enriquez and Manuel Romerosa with whom she recites in the Huerta de San Vicente of the Lorquian house or in the Town Hall of Quéntar), musicians, painters, actors and people related to digital works with whom she organises events together or on her own, and also writes, draws or designs for digital animations or books for Four Minds or “Caja de sombras”.

She wins some painting competitions in Quéntar, starts bodypainting or organises group or individual drawing and watercolour workshops.

At the same time she creates designs for costumes, masks, a motorbike, etc., with different materials such as cardboard or latex.

This year she started at the art centre and travels to Norway where she had the opportunity to sell fans that she created years ago by customising some garments.

Her last two exhibitions were held one in the Isabel Jiménez Centre in La Zubia and the other in the art centre in January and February 2023.


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Sonia Morente

Living In

Granada, Spain