Sonia Morente





Portraits in different techniques on commission and parts of the face

Painted in different techniques, materials, supports and styles. The portraits commissioned in greater number for their original result are the watercolor portraits. It is followed by acrylics on canvas. Color, black and white or sepia. They are usually made in A3 size, face or half body painting. It can put as a background or another chosen option. Ex: your room with your toys.


Made with acrylic on wood. Durable. Different topics as they are commissioned. 

Body painting, making up, performances, etc.

Specialized anti-allergic watercolour professional paint. It is used in make-up, performance events, weddings, birthdays, etc. I usually add a photocall or fantasy character.

Decorations and murals for shops, events, etc.

Made on fabric, continuous paper or various supports with Acrylic paint. If the image is projected on larger surfaces, more materials: pencil drawings, pen, markers, watercolors, etc.

Illustrations, Comics or Characters for Stories

(also narratives or poetry). For adults or children, animations and books, tatoos.

Performance, poetry, theatre, music, painting and theatre events

Sensitizing, always critical or humours, analyzing in depth social issues and seeking to point out solutions.

Watercolours, acrylics and oil paintings of other subjects

Examples of different types of works and commissions.

Postcards and Christmas

Personalised postcards in all themes, techniques, styles and sizes.


Original and creative watercolour, acrylic, ink, pencil, pencil or wax bookmarks design.

Coexistence project

 (equality, sociopathy, performances, comics, poetry…)