Sonia Morente Pérez

Sabadell, Barcelona, 1979

My works are based on a humanist perspective, looking for beauty, naturalistic, conscientious and critical. In human nature to create and thereby communicate. Influenced by my educational work and philosophical currents such as Socratic based on the common good.




Drawing and watercolor course teacher

2017/2018/2019 (Quéntar). Subsequent exhibition City Hall.

Teacher public schools

Primary, Secondary and teaching to Adults. Since 2009.

Music and poetry show

Cultural diversity. C.Cívico Zafarraya.2015.


Flamenco, poetry and painting; Posters. Directed by Mª Carmen Morente. Pub Galileo Galilei (Madrid). 2016.

Direction and representation of the theater
“Villarregaliz de arriba” CEIP: Tierno Galván. Zafarraya. 2015.
Participation in “La noche poetica”

Reciting, acting and dancing with Pedro Enríquez. Aug., 2017. Quéntar.

Performances choreography planning

Since 2009.

Poetry and theater

from the Coexistence and Representation Project schools: Tierno Galván (Zafarraya, 2015/16).

Writing and representation Theater “A Different Christmas”

Resolution of conflicts the first in the CEIP: Bertha Wilhelmi (Pinos Genil). 2016/17 and every year since this.

Sign Language Representation

Instructing the CEIP Educational Community: Berta Wilhelmi, of the song Depends on the two, performance and Jimcana on Assertiveness.

Creation of a Coexistence Poetry Event

(humor scketches, poetry, Diego Bayón songs, Marta dance, Pedro Enríquez recites, Vicky Cruz vibrational singing, etc. Quéntar City Council. Dec., 2019).


Organized by Pedro Enríquez. Orchard of San Vicente. 2019.

Recitation in Poetry program “Infinite Moment”

Organized by Pedro Enríquez. 03-26-2021. Available in program 40 on You Tube.

Participation book

“Verses that embrace.” Poetry, music and dance event with Estrella Morente. Almería City Council and Ibáñez Consentino Art Foundation. 22 -11-2020.

Poems, “chirigotas”, reflections and articles

Project on violence and didactic material in schools. Since 2009.

Creations in other disciplines

Writing illustrated stories for children and invented characters, paintings in different reasons and techniques on request, personalized greeting postcards, stickers, pagepillers, 3D cut-outs: dragon, car, castle…modeling of sculptures in clay and plasticine, fans, bags, clothing with custom creations on request. Any topic. Acrylic and vinyl.

Tattoo with henna and original tattoo designs

Makeup and photocalls; events and temporary tattoos Bodypainting, characterization and creation of fantastic characters, costumes or accessories. For example: 3D motorcycle/masks.

Hyperrealistic portraits on request

Various techniques. Since 1998.

Illustrations for children’s book

“Evan’s seed”/Illustrations short animation. Four Minds. Aug, 2017.

Illustrations book “The mystery of the Jarropa”

Quéntar Author: D. Manuel Romerosa. Ed. Quentar Town Hall, Spain. 2017. Presentation 2022.

Illustrations digital book

“Poetry for the poor” by Juan Álvarez Salas. September 2016. Available on Amazon among other websites.

Mural decoration

for the theater in Zafarraya, Spain. 2015.

CEIP porch mural

Tierno Galván in Zafarraya (Granada). 2015 and Torres (Jaén). 2017.

Drawing on projected images

Projected on Lorca’s work in “La noche poética”. Quéntar August 2017. Spain.

Bodypainting exhibition in Menorca

July, 2014.

Making off of commissioned bodypainting

“Prey and Predator”; and the “cyberheart”. Particular. August 2017 and September 2018.

Fluorescent makeup

Shadow Box Group. Music video. Study of Circo. Polígono “El Florío”. Ojíjares. 07-1-2018.

Face painting

for children’s parties, pregnant bodies (May 2016, September 2017),


Isabel la Católica Artistic Center Exhibition

Brotherhood of Christ Saint Augustine. Granada. Spain, 2006.

Exhibition in the “Shantí” tea shop

C / Santa Clotilde (Granada, Spain). 2007.

Participation in an exhibition in honor of Pedro Enríquez

Carmen Jimenez Building. La Zubia (Granada). Week of June 14, 2019.

First prize. Watercolor fast painting competition contest

Quéntar (Granada, Spain). 2014 (2nd Prize. 2016; 3rd prize. 2017);2nd award 2022).

Reciting at the artistic event

at the Colegio de las Niñas nobles in Granada, Spain. July 2022.

Artistic center’s member in Granada

(stand at the art fair once a month with personalized fans, expositions, etc).

Collective exhibition “The Sea”

Artistic Center. Granada, Spain. November 2022.

Single exhibition “The Fan: Timeless Instrument and Gadget”

Carmen Jimenez Exhibition Center. The Zubia. Granada, Spain. Performance at the opening of poetry with the collaboration of Pedro Enríquez and Pepe Agudo on guitar, “Agüita”. January until February 3, 2023.

Collective exhibition “Childhood”

Artistic Center of Granada, Spain. February 2023.

Collective exhibition on women with the painting “Pisa Firme”

Water colour & acrilic. Mariana Pineda Center. Granada, Spain. March 2023.

Collective exhibition “Sierra Nevada”

With the painting “En la cima”. Acrilic. Artistic Center. Granada (Spain). Since 11th-22nd of April,  2023.


Teacher certifications

Primary and Special Education. 1998/2001.





Driver license.


B2 English with Aptis, B1 by Cambridge and spoken level C1; A1 French by the Escuela de Idiomas de Granada, Spanish Sign Language level translator issued by the Consejería de Empleo, Catalan basic spoken level and knowledge of various other languages.


(Languages: Basic, C Language; Dream weaver design, Flash; Word processors; Excel, Power Point, Paint; Differents Softwares: Ubuntu, Windows…; Storage media like Google Drive, Wetransfer, Dropbox or Use of peripherals; other DIGITAL RESOURCES such as Photoshop, Studio 8 edition, MP3 toolkit etc.

OFFICE PROGRAMS (such as Voice Notebook, Notta, Talktyper, etc);

ONLINE PLATFORMS like Zoom, Classroom, Hangouts, Meet and Jitsi Meet.